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Possible versions

TEDOM cogeneration units are delivered as standard with:

  • Compact block version with anti-noise hood
  • Placed in a container
  • In modular arrangement
  • As a generator set
The hooded version
Is designed above all for installing in buildings.

Their advantages are their simplicity and
speed of installation and low noise level.
The container version
Is for external installation outside the domestic or industrial building.

Their advantage is ease of installation and resistance to meteorological effects.
The modular version
Is used for cogeneration equipment with a higher output. There are separate heating and
motor generator modules. The advantages of this version are the variety of versions available and their adaptability to individual customer requirements.
Generator set
Is a set consisting of an engine and a generator in a common steel frame, making up a basic functioning whole for constructing a cogeneration unit. The advantage of this version is its simple concept with the possibility of adding further technological elements of cogeneration.
Fuels used
The major fuel for running cogeneration units is natural gas. In recent years, however, the number of units using biogas, landfill gas, gas from water treatment plants or another alternative fuel like mine gas for their operation has sharply increased.
STRATELIS company paticipation in the 2 International Expos, EnergyReS Ecotec

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STRATELIS company paticipates in the 3rd International Expo on Renewable Energy Sources in Greece 20-23 November 2008
Exhibition Center: MEC Paiania, G 100-116 Invitation

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