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Cogeneration in biogas stations

Biogas stations are mainly constructed in waste water treatment plants, communal landfill sites, industry and agricultural concerns concentrating on livestock rearing.

Since biogas usually arises as a side product of the treating of organic waste, the operation of cogeneration units on this fuel is economically very advantageous.

New energy legislation guarantees the operator of cogeneration technology using renewable energy resources a long-term stable purchase price for electricity at a very interesting rate.

If there is natural gas distribution available in the biogas station, it is possible to use a dual-fuel cogeneration unit for combined running on both natural gas and biogas (fuel switching).

This is most advantageous in cases where the production of biogas is not uniform.


Sewage treatment plant


Industry / Agriculture
STRATELIS company paticipation in the 2 International Expos, EnergyReS Ecotec

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STRATELIS company paticipates in the 3rd International Expo on Renewable Energy Sources in Greece 20-23 November 2008
Exhibition Center: MEC Paiania, G 100-116 Invitation

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