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Αfter Sales Service

Offered maintenance for cogeneration units includes the guarantee period and the period afterwards from this.

STRATELIS guarantees, direct correspondence in cases of emergency, maintenance based on the operation hours the unit [Program of Preventive Maintenance], remote monitoring of the performance of cogeneration units, general repairs and other services depending on the agreements with each customer

Remote monitoring can be actualized thus;

1. on-line connection to the monitoring centre (personnel at the monitoring centre can immediately react to whichever kind of non-standard situation in the cogeneration unit)

2. off-line connection (in the event of any non-standard situation in the cogeneration unit, a text message or e-mail is
generated alerting selected people of the developing situation).

STRATELIS company paticipation in the 2 International Expos, EnergyReS και Ecotec

Presentation (.pps) 1,63Mb
STRATELIS company paticipates in the 3rd International Expo on Renewable Energy Sources in Greece 20-23 November 2008  
Exhibition Center: MEC Paiania, GΕ 100-116 Invitation

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